A Message From Vance Bell

vance_winThe launch of the Shaw Women’s Innovation Network (WiN) is an exciting milestone in Shaw’s history. It’s an opportunity for us to recognize, celebrate and value the significant role in our economy, our business and our company.

And as I look at the work already in progress to help us create a better future for all of us at Shaw and beyond, I immediately think of the tremendously talented leaders and executives in our company, both women and men.

But the long-term success of our company depends upon continuing to develop great people – and great leaders. And staying competitive in an ever-evolving, fast-changing global economy is key to our ability to attract and retain the best possible people for our organization.

Our company will be in a “war for talent” over the next few years. It’s a broad societal problem that affects all businesses and industries. The winners today and tomorrow will be companies that best harness the innovation and creativity of their total pool of talent.

This isn’t a future issue: it’s a here and now issue. And it’s not an issue of men or women, either. It’s an issue of ensuring that we have the best talent pool to choose from, making sure that men and women have the opportunity to work together in crucial roles for better decision-making.

The Women’s Innovation Network is one of the many ways we’re working to do that. Recognizing and fully utilizing the talents and leadership of women in our organization is an opportunity to make our entire company even stronger.

Better understanding how to attract, retain and advance women is one of the many steps we’re taking to address this issue – and to create a more powerful pool of candidates for all leadership positions.

We need the perspectives, the judgment, the market knowledge, and the innovation of women throughout our organization.

Permission to Lead

Women sometimes feel they have to “ask permission” to have a career, to do something different, to join or step out and be noticed, or to lead. We want to open the door corporately and organizationally to “grant permission.”

But it’s up to both of us. It’s up to our company in terms of our talent planning, policies, culture, and it’s up to you to take responsibility, and passionately engage in this opportunity.

Our collaboration will make us stronger. We’ll be a better organization and a stronger company for this growing partnership. So if you’ve been waiting for permission to participate, to plan a career or to lead, today is the day.