Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Blog Author, Heather Yamada
By Heather Yamada
Director of Consumer Marketing and Merchandising, Residential Flooring Division
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Heather mid-flightHave you ever questioned what you should have done? What you would have done? What you could have done? I am sure we all have, but my personal ambition is to limit these phrases from my life as much as possible.

To live without regrets means finding an interest that gives you the satisfaction of self-achievement and personal accomplishment, which will benefit you-both inside and outside the workplace.

I have been with Shaw for 15 years. My entire career has been in marketing, which I love. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I work on a team that is making a difference and contributing to the success of our company. I have also come to the realization that while I really enjoy my career, it is also the mechanism that affords me the ability to explore my personal interests.

I enjoy new adventures and experiencing a variety of things like mountain biking, traveling, scuba diving, and most recently getting my pilot’s license. In all of these things, I get to see the world from different perspectives, which is really exciting to me.

I’ve learned that along with the happiness and satisfaction of accomplishing something, each new achievement gives me the confidence to try something else. Getting out of my comfort zone in my personal pursuits, prepares me to do the same professionally.

Heather Scuba DivingThe day my flight instructor got out of the plane and told me that I had to land the plane on my own, my inner voice said, “Are you kidding me? Does he really think that I am ready?” How many times do we have this same thought at work? But that day as I sat in the pilots seat, I thought, “Well, I have to do this now, there is no wimping out!” I wanted it so badly because I knew after doing this, I was ready for whatever was next, wherever that may be. Once the plane left the ground, the excitement and nervousness faded away. And with it, the opportunity for even greater adventures and experiences awaited.

I have heard so many people say, “I have always wanted to get my pilot’s license.” But they didn’t do it. The longer you wait the harder it is to actually do it, especially as you get older; life seems to take over, and the thing that you always wanted to do slips away. For me, I didn’t want to get to a time in my life where I looked back and was filled with shoulda, coulda, woulda, and didn’t!

Getting my pilot’s license provided an outlet where I could accomplish something just for me. I think that seeking opportunities for self-fulfillment and personal achievement is important to our overall well-being and happiness, and the rewards will touch all aspects of our lives.

So, don’t wait! I encourage you to do something just for you – create a bucket list and start ticking off the items! Whether it is training for a race, joining a local club, or doing charity work, these opportunities can provide a positive outlook and fresh perspective on life; they will give you an outlet to express yourself and boost your confidence.

Find something that gives you personal fulfillment. You will be better for it.

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