Mistakes On the Way to Promotion

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“My interest in the position motivated me to believe in the value I could bring to the role.”

About ten months ago, I evaluated where I was at in my career and decided it was time to make a change. As I reviewed the available opportunities, I disregarded an open position in believing I was unqualified for the role because I didn’t have IT experience. In retrospect, that was my first mistake.

When considering new opportunities, it is the job, not the department, that is important.

A few days later, this particular position was still on my mind, so I gathered the courage to read the job description. What I realized was that the position was focused on leading a team, not having IT experience. Still, despite my qualifications in this area, I began to doubt my abilities. This was my second mistake.

Melissa PateritsasDon’t doubt your abilities or second-guess yourself;
rely on past successes to build your confidence.

My interest in the position motivated me to believe in the value I could bring to the role. Encouraged by what I learned as a result of my involvement with WiN, I decided to just go for it. After I submitted my resume, I asked a few people for their thoughts. I was asked, “What do you know about IT?” and was told, “You will not get that job because it will be filled from within the IS organization.” These comments made me feel deflated. That was my third mistake.

Accept candor and believe in change.

Understanding that the comments reflected the same thoughts I had initially, I had to move past them. Hiring decisions based on longevity in a department or technical skills that don’t meet requirements of what is needed for the future are a thing of past. The proof? I got the job. In this role, I am learning so much about a different area of our business and adding value every day. There have been many opportunities to use the different perspective I bring to solve issues and evaluate opportunities.

I hope that others will learn through my mistakes. Take risks and never doubt your abilities. Understand what skills and experience you bring and know how to translate them into other areas of our organization. Your leadership is needed.

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