Life is Hard, But Don’t Let That Stop You

Blog Author, Ann McDermot
By Ann McDermott
Director Corporate Accounts
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My daughter just started her Junior year in college and my son is in his last year of high school. I tell them, “life is hard, but you can do anything you want.” I was frequently reminded of this when they were younger, and I was balancing a growing career and raising two small children at home.

Ann McDermot's ChildrenIt wasn’t easy advancing to Director of Corporate Accounts but is was something I really wanted. It was hard, but I was going to have it all.

After the birth of my second child, I hired a nanny. Financially, this was hard. But, the additional help allowed me to travel for my job. I viewed it as an investment in my career, and I worked hard to ensure I earned a return on this investment, which came in the way of advancement.

Being present for my children was, and still is, important to me too, so I always tried to schedule my travel around any important events in their life. For the most part, this worked out.

Occasionally, I would miss something, and that was hard, but we found other ways to make up for it when was I was in town. I really don’t look back and say that I missed out on my kids. Instead, I look forward and say they are both independent, very well-balanced, and ready for their adult life.

My husband was a huge support during this time in that he did not have to travel with his job, and is a great partner and father. He took care of things at home when I was away and contributed equally as a parent. We had to share responsibilities so we could both have it all.

Now that kids are older, traveling has definitely gotten easier. Some things are not as hard! I feel that I have had a good career while raising my family. I have what I want, including the ability to overcome things that are hard, which has had a very positive impact on my self confidence and outlook on life in general.

So regardless women or men — we can all have it all if we really want it. And I really want it all.