Meet the Women’s Innovation Network (WiN)

WiN is a program created to support the development of leaders at Shaw through resources and opportunities that help women drive successful careers. WiN provides access to educational resources and training focused on career development and core competencies, mentorship, volunteerism, networking and more.

Recognizing the important contributions of women within our industry and workplace, WiN offers a platform to engage, connect and grow – helping create a better future in the process.

A Closer Look At WiN

We are engineers, designers, marketers, technical experts, analysts, managers, thinkers, creators, leaders and innovators. We are women and men working together to solve complex problems.

Vision: Foster a culture that identifies, attracts, engages, retains, develops, and promotes talented women to drive competitive advantage for Shaw.


  • Inspire & Empower Women: personal and professional development to engage women to perform at their highest potential
  • Engage the Organization: drive inclusive leadership to fully leverage all talent
  • Prepare High Potential Women: acceleration of readiness for high-potential qualified women
  • Recruit Qualified Female Talent: attract & recruit qualified female talent

Why WiN?

Women comprise more than half of today’s bachelor and master’s degree graduates in the US. We bring vital perspective and valuable experience to all aspects of business. We hold incredible purchasing power and economic influence. And we have the ability to affect change and become leaders in our workplace.

Global studies conducted by Goldman Sachs, Columbia University and Catalyst found that companies employing women in large numbers outperform their competitors on every measure of profitability.

Diverse perspectives and experience are critical to accelerating innovation and fueling growth. So the question is not women or men: it’s how to ensure women and men are working together in decision-making roles.