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Welcome To WiNWe’re engineers, designers, marketers, technical experts, analysts, managers, thinkers, creators, leaders and innovators. And we’re part of the Women’s Innovation Network, a new program created to support the development of leaders at Shaw through resources and opportunities designed to help women drive successful careers. WiN provides access to educational resources, training sessions focused on career development and core competencies, mentorship, volunteerism, networking and more.

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Why WiN?


WiN is your opportunity to find inspiration and drive your career. We can help prepare you to be ready for growth, opportunity and success.


WiN programs and opportunities will also include the chance for us to share our perspective on what women at Shaw need to continue being successful now – and into the future.

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WiN provides salaried associates with access to the resources, guidance, tools and education needed to grow and thrive at Shaw – and beyond. Members have access to a variety of programs and opportunities throughout the year.

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